To import data from another application, you must first save the data in a CSV format. Each field should be seperated with a comma character (,) and text fields should be delimited with a double-quote character (")

   Tick this box If the first line lines contains column names, as this should be excluded.

Please ensure that the order of each field in your CSV file corresponds to the order the fields appear in below. If a field appears below which does not appear in your data file at all, please un-select the box beside that field.

   ERROR: Unknown SQL type: varchar(4)
   ERROR: Unknown SQL type: numeric
   Click here to view all valid values
   Value should be a whole number.
   Click here to view all valid values
   Value should be either Yes or No

Do you wish to delete all Company data currently stored and replace it with the contents of your CSV file?

Finally please choose the CSV file on your computer:

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